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“I am in awe of books like Erin Vincent's. More than just a story of unbearable loss, it is a story of survival, it is a story about being orphaned and terrified, and it is amazing that not only did Erin Vincent carry on--but she became a writer and shares her story with us, elegant, simple, heartbreaking.” – A.M. Homes

"In this amazing tale of woe, venality, treachery, larceny and plain old-fashioned abuse, Erin Vincent tells the story of her parents' death, and the harrowing Dickensian fallout which then ensued. GRIEF GIRL is a story of righteous indignation, bruising sorrow but a final triumph that has you cheering for this wonderful woman by the end.” - Carolyn See 

"A messy, compelling story, tinged with the rawness only real life can provide." - Entertainment Weekly 

“Her intimate, honest narrative captures both Erin's strength and vulnerability. Rather than trying to answer questions about how to deal with loss, the author expresses the nature of grief, stressing that quick fixes simply do not exist, and there is no predictable sequence to the grieving process.” - Publishers Weekly

“A gripping memoir… Gritty language, a swift pace, and glimpses of humor amid tragedy make this a page-turner."

                                                                                                                                                                        - School Library Journal

“A compelling, searingly honest and often bleakly funny account of what it is like to be unexpectedly orphaned.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  - The Age 

“With unflinching candour and some dark humour, Vincent gives us a unique insight into the often-surprising machinations of a teenage mind wracked with grief.” - The Sunday Telegraph

"The famous, the infamous and a few odd bods you've never heard of, share their outrageous, shocking, hilarious and all too true confessions of the stupidest and most disastrously embarassing times of their lives.

The editors of Your Mother Would Be Proud have managed to persuade a host of Australia's best-known celebrities, writers, comedians, actors and musos to immortalise some of their most scurrilous secrets in print. The result is one of the most revealing collections of true life confessions ever to be compiled - and it's all for a good cause." - Allen & Unwin, Book Publishers

Grieve Anthology – Volume 5

"Stories, essays, poems selected by the judges of the Grieve Writing Competition in honour of Grief Awareness Month (August). Over 100 captivating, brave and compelling works.​"

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